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Reasons why travel insurance is not taken seriously yet

Travel insurance is considered a must of any journey, but still there are many customers don't find it necessary.

Many travelers don’t care about travel insurance

travel insurance

For any journey, travel insurance is considered a “ticket” for customers to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Tourism law of most countries has clearly defined responsibilities of international travel companies to buy travel insurance to customers in the whole time traveling. Many embassies have forced people to buy insurance when applying for a visa. However, as for domestic tours, this is not mandatory unless buyers request. Therefore, many people don’t find travel insurance necessary, partly because it’s just a short trip, and partly because it costs a considerable amount of money.

In the market now there are so many insurance companies for tourists with so many insurance packets to choose from. With those, the insured will benefit in from unexpected cases such as death, sudden injury or accident on the way… The buyers also can select many levels of insurance limits that insurance companies offer. Of course, the higher the insured pay, the higher compensation they will get.

However, in fact, traveler often don’t ask for an insurance packet or purchase insurance by their own, even when they take part in a dangerous and adventurous journey. The only group of tourist being interested in insurance is the elderly (over 70) joining a tour. On the other hand, many people think that domestic insurance only covers their lives, not luggage and personal belongings, so they don’t really think they need one.

Insurance benefits are unclear

travel insurance

As mentioned above, many people buy insurance because they are forced to do so and commend totally insurance purchasing to the tourism company, leading to travelers don’t know clearly about what kind of insurance they have, how much they have to pay and even their benefits as well. Or they think all insurance packets are the same, so there’s nothing to find out.

But the truth is not like that. For example, with some insurers, in cases of terrorism or serious insecurity at the destination, travelers can get a refund or change schedule if they require. But in fact, many airlines or tourism companies do not take incident of assault or violence to their cover list, so tourists often have to pay a lot to cancel or change schedule.

Otherwise, some tourism companies offer tours to customer without providing information of insurance package, refuse to disclose the insurance company, the maximum insurance rates or the rights and benefits of tourists. Many companies take advantage of advertising "free insurance gift for customers, not included in the tour price”, but when an incident happens to the insured, they just shake of their responsibility.

The most essential thing is that every buyer must find reputable insurance company, verify your rights and benefits, clarify the procedure to be compensated to ensure a safe trip. When you take part in a tour, each person should find out details of your travel insurance packet and know exactly if some case happens, how will the insurance company deal with it? And what is the responsibility of the tourism company?

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