Cool Smoky Makeup Tutorial

Using some cool toned colors, you can make such a sophisticated smoky look.

Smoky makeup usually reminds you of very dark and deep colors. But those dark colors could make you look too old or stuffy in summer. Using some cool toned colors, you can make such a sophisticated smoky look. Using some complementary and cool toned colors, give points to the eyes and finish it with cool pink on cheeks and lips. 



Face makeup

- Mix the foundation that matches your skin color with a pink shimmery base, and then apply it on the face.

- Fix the base makeup and give natural glow as well by applying gold loose powder on the C-zone.

- Apply a paste type of pink blush on the cheek bone using a puff.



Eye makeup

- Apply a liquid brown shadow on both upper and under eyelids using the tip of the applicator.

- Give some shade on the front and outer corner of the eyes, and under eyelid as well.


- Make gradation using a gold beige eye shadow as connecting the front and end corner.

- Fill in the upper and under waterline using a brown pencil liner.


- Apply a black mascara on the upper and under lashes after curling the lashes.

- Apply some metallic green shadow on the middle of eyelid and apply the same color on the under eyelid as well using a flat brush.


- After the lashes get dry, re-apply green colored mascara on the tip of the lashes. Re-apply orange colored mascara on the under lashes.


Eyebrow makeup

- Apply gold brow eye brow mascara along the natural shape of brow hair.



Lip makeup

- Put some foundation on the outline of the lips.

- Apply pink tinted lip glow on the middle of the lips by lightly pressing.


-  Make the gradation from the outside to inside of the lips using a nude colored lip conditioner.


All credit goes to: Jung Saem Mool



By: Vivian Sprout

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