Yasukuni - the most controversial shrine Japan

Despite being a sacred destination for the whole country, Yasukuni Shrine has been criticized for worshiping war criminals.


Yasukuni Shrine was built in 1869 under Emperor Meiji in the ancient capital of Kyoto, also known as the "shrine to call the dead". To 1875, the emperor decided to move the temple in Tokyo, renamed Yasukuni to turn this place into the holy places, promoting national identity and spirit of Bushido. Photo: Japan Guide.



Yasukuni became a memorial and worship 2.5 million souls of Japan, including those who join forces fascist war criminals and 13 in the First World War 2. This has caused outrage with China, South Korea and North Korea - countries that suffered Japanese fascist invasion and destruction. Photo: Washington Post.



Located near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Yasukuni is always open to the public and visitors. Inside the ancient wooden buildings color intact over time. Photo: The japan times.



Japanese people come to Yasukuni to express interest in social life and politics of the country. However, the visit to the house of the head of government has always aroused fierce controversy with the nations of. Photo: Reuters.



Prior to the Yasukuni visitors have to walk through the gate Torii Japanese tradition, is considered from the point of transition to the spiritual cesspool, then wash your hands in a pot of water and walked through a large wooden door. Photo: Foreign Policy.



In the site of Yushukan is Yasukuni museum, archive and display the relics of war and related materials army. This is also the first military museum and the oldest in Japan. Photo: Japan visitor.



In addition, there is a sightseeing Yasukuni cherry blossoms gorgeous. Inside the temple planted 600 cherry trees of all kinds. In March, in April every year, visitors from all over to watch this season bloom. Many restaurants open during this time that the air temple adds to the excitement. Photo: Konnichiwa.


By: Dinah Longoria

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