Mark Hotel New York and the room costs $ 75,000 per night

The penthouse of Mark Hotel New York have posted price of $ 75,000 per night, one of the most expensive in Manhattan.

mark-hotel-new-york-1 hast just published a list of the most expensive hotels Manhattan with luxurious amenities. Among them, the head of the room through the floor (penthouse) of the Mark Hotel in New York with $ 75,000 list price for one night. Photo: The Mark New York.



The penthouse is 1,115 square meters large, designed by the renowned Jacques Frances charge. Penthouse consists of 5 bedrooms, 4 fireplaces, 6 bathrooms, 2 bars, piano, library, dining room and terrace with views overlooking Central Park in New York. Photo: The Mark Hotel NY.



In addition, visitors can also choose a different room at the Four Seasons Hotel New York, for $ 50,000 a night (more than a billion). Accordingly, the tourists have private butler care and 24 hours, eat caviar caviar delight, drink champagne, enjoy massage services and Rolls Royce driver always ready to serve. Photo: FSNewyork.



Besides, the Mandarin Oriental New York is also not a bad option for $ 36,000 a night. Guests will stay in a comfortable room measuring 300 square meters luxury, comfortable choice in the collection most massive player, a wardrobe of fashion or the latest accessories luxury brand Christian Dior . Photo: Mo_Newyork.



Chamber President of the St Regis New York hotel is also a winner thanks to the luxury and sophistication in every detail. Prices listed in this room is $ 35,000 a night. Photo: Stregisnewyork.

By: Bella Elinor

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