Inside the world's smallest museum

The world's smallest museum has opened in the town of Warley, Yorkshire, England, with an area of exactly a phone booth.


The world's smallest museum was converted from a phone booth away newly opened in the town of Warley, West Yorkshire, England and is just enough for one person per visit. Although limited in space but all the tourists visiting it said, you would enjoy what found inside.



Artifacts are displayed inside the old photos and personal items related to the history of the town.



The current theme of the museum is the local history, but the group was scheduled to be replaced every 3 months topic.



The phone booth museum is the brainchild of a group member Warley Community Association. After researching other applications of the phone booth as a place to exchange books and defibrillators, this group decided to turn it into a museum. The Association also filed to put the museum in the Guinness Book.



Eliana Bailey, head of the association said: "We received a lot of positive feedback. People are showing interest in the inside". This museum was even held an opening ceremony in the presence of the Mayor of the town of Calderdale.

By: Hailey Monica

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