Explore Hong Kong with the world's longest escalator

The world's longest escalator in Hong Kong transports thousands of people per day. The system consumed 30 million in 1993, was criticized as too costly and inefficient.


Hong Kong has many steep hills, an outdoor escalator system 800 meters long have been established to serve visitors and those who go to work every day. Photo: Yosoynuts.



The escalator system of Hong Kong was built in 1993 as a plan for reducing traffic congestion in the city. At that time, this work received much criticism due to high costs and operational inefficiencies. Photo: James Antrobus.



The system consists of 18 escalators and 3 running track for people who want to walk. Elevator will go down from 12 midnight to 10:30 am and goes up till midnight next day. Photo: Connie Ma.



According to statistics, transport system thousands of people go to work every day, not to mention a large amount of tourists visiting the city. The elevator goes through 14 routes, from the west to Conduit Road in the eastern Queens. Photo: LawtonJM.



The total cost of building the system in 1993 was 30 million. Many people believe that it does not help reduce commuter traffic which only caused great waste. Photo: K.C Tang.



However, the introduction of the escalator has driven local development processes. SoHo become a popular destination for nightlife and workers there can also easily move each day. According to the BBC, housing prices around the area escalators so also increases. Photo: Doug Letterman.



Besides, escalators and moving means many lovers. Pictured are Ocean Park, one of the most famous sights of Hong Kong. It boasts an outdoor park with escalators world's No. 2 long (225 meters). Photo: WeHK1004.

By: Kimmy Bright

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