Cuba - A precious gem of the Caribbean

In addition to the almost intact old houses, Cuba also attracts tourists by white sand, blue sea and peaceful valleys.

Havana Capital


Before the normalization of US - Cuba, Havana, Americans still or call the "architectural treasures and ruins". This has turned Havana, the heart of the "precious gem of the Caribbean" a competitive place to London, Los Angeles and Paris. Guests will be fascinated by the American oldest architectural ensemble with colorful buildings preserved almost fully. Havana old town is a UNESCO cultural heritage of humanity since 1982.

Varadero Beach


As one of 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, and also the most developed tourist area of Cuba, this place includes entire De Hicacos Peninsula, reaching to the northern coast of Matanzas province and inherits the warmth of the Atlantic. Length of the coast is up to 15.5 miles (25 kilometers) with white sand beaches. Luxurious hotels, numerous entertainment areas, and salsa nights on the beach have turned Varadero into a  world class resort.

Trinidad Town


Referring to Trinidad, people often referre to the beautiful phrase "architectural treasure of Spain". Located between Escambray Mountains and Caribbean Coast, this old town is like a museum of Spanish architecture 500 years ago. The old town today still retains almost intact flair with cobbled streets, colorful houses, with palaces, churches preserved the best in the Caribbean region. Trinidad is a UNESCO world cultural heritage since 1988.

Pinar Del Río


As an unspoiled province located in the west of Havana, this place almost never knows the noise, pollution or busy hustle of the capital. Del Rio has such typical rural atmosphere, surrounding by green slopes. People here have pretty quiet life, most vehicles on the road are bicycle. Del Rio architecture is quite simple and local people's houses are often where guests stay. Pinar Del Río is the perfect choice for those who love to sunbathe, swim and watch aquatic life in blue sea.

Viñales Valley


Selected as one of the world's most beautiful valleys, Viñales is deserved to be the first choice for those who want to escape from modern life to find ancient lifestyle. Viñales also gives visitors many experiences as walking tours, horseback riding, biking, or visiting Santo Tomas - 3rd largest cave in Latin America. With an area of 132 km2 and exciting attractions, visitors will have to spend about 2-3 days to discover all there.

Vegas Waterfall in Topes De Collante Park


About 7 km to the west of Trinidad, the park has an area of about 50 km2. Vegas Waterfall is located right downtown, surrounded by cliffs and stalactites, a favorite place of tourists who love swimming. The road to the park goes through high mountain ranges, suitable for mountain bike trip or picnic. In addition, the park also has many cave expeditions, biking, hiking, fishing and boating.





By: Rosie Fair

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