Aokigahara - The creepiest forest in Japan

Each year, hundreds of suicides occur in Aokigahara, carrying many mysterious stories.

Mount Fuji carries many historical values and spiritual beliefs of the people in the land of the rising sun. This is the highest mountain in Japan (over 3,700 meters), about 100 km from Tokyo to the southwest. The number of tourists come here every day is very crowded, but few know that, at the foot of the mountain there is a primeval forest called Aokigahara famous anecdote creepy because of the mysterious suicide.

Even earlier this year, the American filmmaker also released horror film "The Forest", tells the story of a girl into the forest to find her sister Aokigahara missing and discovered the secret horror cool.


Murky forests, dense, full of dense green vegetation basis, endlessly extended, covering the trunk light and ghostly shapes twisting. The underlying countless deaths were not answered. Some sources said that there are about 500 cases have been recorded, but sources confirmed separately each year there were about 100 cases to the total number will be much larger. Statistics suicide rate in Aokigahara often fluctuate by a dangerous path, there are many New Year's body was found in the forest or have already disappeared forever.

The most common method is hanged on a tree branch u the president. Many were found dead when they fell inert skeleton and outer clothing. Several other bodies were found near each other or jewelry that not only found the body. Many Japanese people believe that this was the path taken ghost entrance, arose, lured by stories of grief, leaving them distraught suicide.


Keywords "Aokigahara" on the network is always connected with horror the images of bodies hanging on the trunk, buried traps created by man, as cause forests to become tourist attractions scary death in Best.

Oddly enough, it fell to the dangerous situation in the forest, you can hardly use the phone for help. The experts noted several emergencies, victims can not use the phone because cell, GPS navigation devices, and even compass are suddenly lose signal or disabled.

The reason is believed to have many underground iron ore brought from school, to jam. Therefore, many people want to explore forests must carry tape to mark roads, to avoid getting lost.


The woods became a favorite suicide remains a mystery to the Japanese government. Due to the high suicide rate, the government has implemented several measures to try to reduce this figure heartbreaking. One of them is the installation of security cameras at the entrance of the forest and increase the number of security guards here.

Even those who intend to come here camping is also listed as questionable wanted to kill himself. Therefore, they are always closely followed employees and look admonitions when needed. Many signs were erected in the path through the woods with messages such as: "Think of your children and your family," or "Your life is a gift that you give to parents."

Many volunteer team was established to carry out the review, to prevent those who commit suicide here, or search for buried bodies of victims kindness, rather than in the wild to drop off the cold.

By: Vivian Sprout

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