6 best free tourist attractions in Rome

Church of St Peter ad Vincula, Patheon, Trevi Fountain... are the greatest free place you should consider when visiting Rome.

Church of St Peter ad Vincula

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This architecture is one of not-to-be-missed places when visiting Rome. Security here is really safe, and visitors often have to line up so long to enter the door. The catacomb beneath the left of the church is the burial place of popes for hundreds of years, the most unique of the St. Peter Church.


Rome, tourist attractions

Situated in Rome Centro Storico - the culture, history center of the city, visitors can easily find the magnificent archaeological work Pantheon. This is an old building from the 2nd century, hitherto it still preserves the old architecture.

Sant'Ignazio Church

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When visiting the Jesuit church, try finding a saucer on a marble floor. Then look at the ceiling from the main point, you'll have the most beautiful picture of frescoes decorated ornately of the church.

Trevi Fountain

Rome, tourist attractions

This is one of the most famous fountains in the world with marble sculptures. This fountain has just been reopened after a restoration project worth $ 2.4 million. It is believed that throwing a coin down the emerald blue water, there will be one day you can return to Rome.

Spanish Steps

Rome, tourist attractions

The work consists of 135 steps, was built in about 1721 - 1725. It is the attraction of tourists from around the world, and a famous dating place of locals. Currently Spain Steps are closed for renovation and scheduled to open again tourists this spring.

Villa Borghese Gardens

Rome, tourist attractions

Tickets to visit the Borghese Museum need be booked previously. However, if not booked tickets to the museum, the surrounding scenery is worth for you to come too. Villa Borghese Gardens is a garden villa designed in English style naturally, as well as the 3rd largest park in Rome. Also, when traveling in the southwest of the garden, you can also admire the breathtaking view of the famous Piazza del Popolo.




By: Emma Ryan

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