5 low-cost destinations for backpackers in 2016

If you are looking for somewhere special, different and cheap to have a unique experience in 2016, let's look at five low-cost destinations that Lonely Planet suggested.


low-cost destinations

This small country of the Balkan Peninsula deserves more attention in 2016. Even though Lonely Planet has rated it as one of the " ideal tourist destinations in the world", Montenegro is really unknown widely.

While the "neighbor" Adriatic of Croatian has become popular in recent years, this year is the ideal time to discover this gem. Remember to visit Kotor Bay after exploring the beaches. You can go for a walk, admire the architecture, learn the history, go shopping and dining here.


low-cost destinations

Backpacking is often associated with low-cost, so there is no better destination than Estonia in 2016.

First, visit the beautiful capital Tallinn, where cultures of northern, northwestern and eastern Europe converge. Then go straight to the Baltic island and discover exciting life here. Affordable price and magnificent views will not let you down.


low-cost destinations

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the destinations that many tourists love recently. If you want to complete your South East Asia journey, Vietnam is a place you should never miss.

With cities ranked high in the tourism index, Vietnam is one of the few places in the world where you can live, eat and rest as indigenous people. The average price for food, accommodation and entrance fees per day is not over 15 USD.


low-cost destinations

Situated between Russia and China, Mongolia has unique beauty and is quite new for tourists. This is the land of interference between the old and the new, between people and traditions.

Visit the capital, Ulaanbaatar, visitors will encounter many contrasting architectural styles from the Soviet era houses, Buddhist temples and monasteries to modern skyscrapers. If you love nature, come to Khovsgol Nuur to discover the largest freshwater lake in the country, to admire the breathtaking scenery in the national park Nuruu Khustain. Tsagaan Terkhiin is also a exciting place for trekking enthusiasts.


low-cost destinations

Rated highest among new destinations in 2016, Botswana is considered a unique combination of desert and plain. Diverse natural landscapes here will give tourist such unforgettable memories.

Botswana is the ideal place for backpacking and hunting enthusiasts. This is also an interesting place for the newlyweds' honeymoon. Besides, the expansion of the Okavango Delta and policies to protect the lives of wild animals help Botswana become a top destination that you can not miss.


By: Lily Delavigne

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