Wonder Girls Hyerim 'Why So Lonely' Makeup Tutorial

Gunhee who is Wondergirls Hyerim's makeup artist herself will show you Hyerim's makeup from "Why So Lonely" M/V today.

Face makeup

- Apply a peach colored from the center of face making gradation.


- Brighten up the center of face using a highlighter.

- Give some shades on the outline of the face using a tinted paste.



Eyebrow makeup

- Apply a brow shadow as a base, and then stroke with a brow pencil.

- Define the shape of eyebrow using a top coat mascara.



Eye makeup

- Apply a neon peach colored pigments on the entire eyelid.

- Draw a guide line from the eyeliner using a black eye shadow.


- Draw the edge line using a black eyeliner.

- Curl the eyelashes and apply fake lashes.


- Apply a pink eyeshadow on under the eyelid.

- Fill in the half of the under waterline from the front corner using a blue eye pencil.


- Volumize the lashes by applying a mascara.

- Apply a pink mascara on the under lashes.



Lip makeup

- Apply a vivid color on the entire lips from the outline.

- Volumize the lips by applying a lip gloss on top.




All credit goes to: Jung Saem Mool



By: Tina Chang

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