Topping makeup tutorial

"Topping makeup" - which is layering base to color makeups and blending all at once!

Face makeup

- Apply moisturizing stick foundation on the forehead, cheeks and chin.


- Apply pink color concealer to swollen areas under the eyes and smile lines.

- Give highlight to glabella, nose bridge, nose wing and C-zone with creamy concealer.


- Apply shading to hair line, under the cheek bones and sides of the nose bridge.

- Apply coral toned cream blush to cheeks.


- Blend with sponge.

- Lightly apply pink toned compact powder to T-zone, under the eyes and chin.



Eye makeup

- Apply peach toned cream shadow to the eyelids with fingertips.

- Apply contouring color shadow to the eyelids and under eyes to remove excess oil.


- Fill in between eyelashes and slightly swing out with brown colored eyeliner.

-  Put false lashes piece by piece to 2/3 of lash lines and curl the lashes.


- Apply mascara to upper and lower eyelashes and define each lash.


Eyebrow makeup

- Draw eyebrows with brow pencil that matches hair color.


- Brush eyebrows with brown mascara and define inner corners of brow hair.


Lip makeup

- Fill the entire lips with nude peach colored lipstick.


- Gradanate dark orange colored liquid lipstick from the inner sides of lips.

- Apply transparent lip gloss to the center of lips to volumize lips.




All credit goes to: Jung Saem Mool



By: Olivia Darcy

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