Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint: youthful color, milky texture

Diverse color palette, smooth texture, good durability have helped this collection reach to the top.

Tarte is known as high-end cosmetics brand renowned in the market for many renowned makeup artists use the information. Recently, the company has launched a collection of matte liquid lipstick Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint that drives believers everywhere "crazy". And diverse color palette, smooth texture, good durability have helped this collection reach to the top.


Field lip cream Lip Paint Tartiest TARTE packets with a total of 10 colors



These products TARTE always associated with a minimalist design that most handy and Lip Paint Tarteist TARTE too. Lipstick design black screw cap, trunk lip printed yellow brand name simple. However, this minimalist design can help highlight lipstick on a colorful backdrop.


The lipstick is pretty simple design with fake black screw cap and the body is inscribed with golden lip


Each bar in the collection lipstick Lip Paint TARTE heavier Tartiest 5,6g, "marginally" more lines than lip cream on the market. Middle part of carmine bar pretty soft brush, apply lipstick to the lips feeling sticky grip right and not backwards. As well as quite soft, easy wetting often lead to trouble so small that the palm will make lipstick more prone to stick on the lid of the lipstick itself when we open up use.


The lipstick's brush is pretty smooth




Collection Lip Paint TARTE Tartiest 10 nude color tones of colors, pink, brown to help unleash her beauty in many different styles. Moreover, each lipstick is set for an interesting name like Adwords bright neon pink, slightly darker red Bae bring full of fanciful, most especially red brown purple fever is everywhere frenemy . Frenemy similar to red wine burgundy color matching lip makeup trends and fall of 2016.

Hint: you are quite picky frenemy skin tones, so when you want to use this color makeup you need to carefully avoid making the face look so evil, or emaciated.


From left is the color Adorbs, Bae, frenemy, Hangry, Lovespell



Four other lip colors in order from left to right: Namaste, So Fetch, TBT, Twerk


Quality and durability

Son substances is quite smooth, spread not stuck in the groove lips, however when you get the feeling dab a little heavy lifting. But soft to quite hard-stick substance lipstick and lip quickly immediately after the first smear layer.

Another advantage of this lip line is that you will not feel dry lips. Indeed, for several hours after application, your lips perfectly normal, not dry like gels to different types of lipstick, though earlier I would not moisturize.

Son substances tight grip super, super long 12 hours if you keep carefully. When relaxed fun all day dining, the son will "reign" of about 5-6 hours on the lips. Still quite perfect, right?


The lipstick line lasts pretty long



Each lipstick is priced at $20



Matte liquid lipstick Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint is great choice for devotees of beauty, especially with multi-colored collection of matching makeup style of this year. Each lip stick is $ 20, not too expensive compared to hard-line lip cream on the market but the quality of the perfect lipstick and lip colors, suitable for all devotees of beauty.



By: Fiona Cane

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