SPICA Secret Time Makeup Tutorial

Here is SPICA’s mysterious and fascinating makeup in "Secret time" with some deep purple colors, smoky eyes and pink glitters on the lips.

Face makeup

- Control the oil on the skin using matte transparent powders.


- Apply a down toned pink blush from the outline of the face to the middle cheeks.

- Give some shades and make it look sharper using a bronzer.



Eyebrow makeup

- Express defined and vivid eyebrow using a reddish brown pencil.

- Tone up the color of eyebrow entirely using a brow mascara.



Eye makeup

- Apply a down toned brown colored on the entire eyelid and contour the nose as well.

- Apply a plump colored eye shadow inside the double eyelid line.


- Apply a reddish brown shadow on the entire double eye line, and connect the stroke to the eye hole and under eyelid.

- Apply deep plump colored cream shadow on the double eyelid line as well as under eyelid to make the eye look defined and deeper.


- Fix the cream shadow by reapplying another layer of deep purple shadow and make the edge.

- Apply a shimmery pink shadow on the front under eyelid and make it gradient with eye wings.


-  Fill in the waterline using a black liquid eyeliner and define the eye shape little more.

- Apply the false lashes that are thicker than the original lashes and make it longer at the end.


- Volumize the under lashes using a mascara.

- Apply a purple glitter shadow on the eyelid by pressing lightly with fingertip.



Lip makeup

- Blur the lip line and make it look softer using a lip concealer.

- Express pinkish lips using a tinted lip balm.


- Apply a liquid type of glitter on the entire lips.

- Apply a thin layer of top coat lip gloss on the center lips.




All credit goes to: Jung Saem Mool





By: Rachel Halliwell

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