Revlon matte lipstick – Mauve it over Review

We can say this is a must-have nude shade that all girls will love, especially when bold nude lip is on top as this moment!

If asked about some cheap lipstick that is easy to choose the color quality, immediately I will say Revlon. This brand from the US capital with the two most famous products: Nail polish and lipstick. In particular, whether there were nearly 100 Revlon Matte Lipstick lipstick then - Mauve it has made me over to the 7th acquisition, even once bought two bars in case the company does not produce more. We can say this is a must-have nude shade that all girls will love, especially when bold nude lip is on top as this moment!



1. Texture

Perhaps the most important characteristic of a lipstick is perceived by users when applied to the lips. In fact, the color of lipstick can this person that other people can not, but the quality of the lipstick is still a prerequisite for the success of a line of lipstick. Revlon lipstick famous inherently moisture-rich shea butter extracts and other types of balm. So when carmine lips very smooth. Especially, with matte lip line, colored grip and fairly standard on whether moisture-rich lipstick substances. Unlike other lip lines, after half a day, Revlon lipstick is still just enough moisture to not strip the skin lips or pilling powder.



2. Color

Colours are the "live-longer" to a lipstick became "her weapons" or not. There is a special point to it over Mauve was selected to review this incredibly nude tones with Asian skin, from tan to pink to white or from media-intensive environment.

Looking through the lipstick you may see slightly darker but when applied to the lips and blushing brighter orange. Lipstick tones with sufficient density to no more than light to create a sense pale nor too dark lip stains the skin. This is considered a common problem when two lipstick nude.

In particular, this lipstick is very suitable as backing up before the lipstick color and create true color or ombre effects. If you want to reduce glare / dark for a certain color lipstick lipstick, this is perfect for mixing pale!


3. Smell and package

Revlon Matte Lip's lightly scented shea butter and no unpleasant when you accidentally licked right. Also, packing colorful classic, skill games also helps lipstick is easily overlooked in a bag and took out time to reapply.



4. Conclusion


- Quality lipstick smooth, no lumps.

- High humidity, pleasant to apply all day.

- Up to color, color fading.

- Easy to coordinate with other lip colors.

- Mild aroma, no unpleasant.


- There are counterfeit.

- Packaging is too simple can not become more ornament for the modern girls.






By: Bella Elinor

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