Benefit They’re REAL Push-Up Liner Review

Appeared in 2014, Benefit They’re REAL Push-Up Liner has been praised by many fashion magazines and beauty bloggers and is constantly in a state of "sold out".

1. About the product


- Eyeliner and mascara duo They're real come from Benefit cosmetics.

- As the first eyeliner gel, rather than a jar as its ever cosmetics.

- Design unique style pen, can easily draw the eyes and for a quick line.

- Long-lasting advantage. If unfortunately there is lem has bleaching products processing They're Real Remover.

- To obtain this product, the company has lost nearly 5 years of research and spent over 7 different designs to decide to recommend to the Japanese technology and take another 2 years to launch this product.

- Brush with accompanying bezel design helps winding soft gel easy eye curve, even hands-free crutch when guys.


2. Price

$ 24 before tax in the US.



3. Package

- Heavy, firm.

- In convenient screw cap pocket and brought travel.

- Top of the hollow tubular pen, soft rubber material is chamfered cross.



4. Usage

The first time you use the first part oranges withdrawn hold the cartridge, rotate ink pen 26 times to pump up. Then every time users simply turn 1 round draw is enough for each eye.



5. Review

There is no slight disappointment after the first use.

Rotation each time was very bad luck, sometimes twisting two rounds is to be there when the screw to 4-5 rounds still amounts which, at one point tried to twist out of the gel to flow out, make me feel laborious, difficult bear.

Is a very fast-drying gel that, if you do not draw fast or irregular hand pull pen, brush stroke and irregular lumpy tissue. Not to mention too fast dry ink should come off the debris fell into the eye very, very uncomfortable.

And the more durable account rather unusual, because you spend 8 hours yesterday remained good on the eye, but there was only one day reach the 3 hours, the eyes had been drifting away.



6. Conclusion

Maybe this product will not fit amateur makeup artists, and is only suitable for expert makeup eyeliner needs careful and elaborate. Also, with the collectibles you want eyeliner then this product can also be considered.

Rating: 2/5 *



By: Olivia Darcy

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