9MUSES A 'Lip to Lip' M/V Makeup

Makeup that brings up the sexiness and charms of 9MUSES A. Please enjoy!

Base makeup

- Apply a thin layer of moisturizing foundation on the face as a base.


- Conceal the dark circle zone using a pinkish brightener.

- Apply a creamy colored brightener on the T-zone for strobing.


- Mix the shimmery lose powder with pink blush in 50-50, and apply on the cheeks.

- Apply a non-shimmer pinkish finish powder lightly.



Eye makeup

- Apply a thin layer of the gold tinted paste on the eyelid.

- Apply a gold eye shadow on the center of eyelid.


- Apply burgundy plump colored eyeshadow on the eye wing and inner colors of the eyes, and make a gradation at the end.

- Also apply the burgundy plump color on the under eyelid for deeper look.


- Fill in the water line using a black gel eyeliner and draw the eye wing with a gradation.

- Curl the eye lashes and apply the false lashes.


- Apply mascara on the upper and under eye lashes as volumizing.


Eyebrow makeup

- Apply the eyebrow shadow for coloring and fill in the blank spot using a pencil.



Lip makeup

- Apply an orange red lipstick.




All credit goes to: Jung Saem Mool



By: Lily Delavigne

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